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Margot Wilson, also known as the Urban Alchemist, is an intuitive tarot reader and dowser with over 20 years of experience. She offers virtual readings over email or phone, providing guidance on love, career, spirituality, and general queries.

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Based in Canada, serving Ontario & Quebec.

Margot offers tarot readings for love, career, spirituality, and general inquiries. She also dowses for yes/no questions but emphasizes that the future is fluid, and timelines may not always be precise.

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Meet Margot, the Urban Alchemist, whose mystical journey began at the tender age of 7 when she first delved into the mesmerizing realms of tarot, oracle cards, and dowsing. For decades, Margot honed her craft, reading for herself, her family, and friends, and offering profound in-person consultations. Now, she extends her ethereal services to all, offering virtual readings that transcend time and space!

Guided by the captivating Nicoletta Celccoli tarot deck, Margot enchants seekers with its breathtaking art, unveiling secrets and pathways to profound insights that resonate deeply with each soul, illuminating their journey with brilliance and depth.

Whether a seasoned cartomancer seeking a fresh perspective or a curious soul stepping into the mystical world for the very first time, Margot warmly embraces all seekers. Her intuitive readings blend ancient wisdom with modern interpretation, offering personalized guidance that touches the essence of each unique energy.

With each reading, Margot delves beyond the card definitions, transcending the realm of predictions to tune into the whispers of the universe. She unearths profound truths, empowering and inspiring seekers on their life's journey.

As seekers explore the cosmic tapestry with Margot, they witness moments of revelation, clarity, and transformation. She emphasizes the power of free will, reminding everyone that every choice alters the course of destiny.

In the enchanted realm where time is an illusion, Margot invites seekers to embrace the fluidity of life. She navigates the ethereal tides with them, offering gentle reminders that the universe works in mysterious ways, and shifts are constant.

As seekers embark on this extraordinary voyage, Margot, the Urban Alchemist, stands as their guiding light in the realms of divination, love, and spiritual growth. She invites all to step forth, allowing the cards to whisper their secrets, for profound revelations await!

Margot eagerly awaits inquiries and unlocks the secrets within the cards, painting brilliant masterpieces of each soul's journey. Together, they dance in the cosmic rhythm, as the universe beckons, and destinies await!

In the cosmic web, seekers find a compassionate guide in Margot, the Urban Alchemist, whose readings resonate deeply, inspiring transformative experiences. She weaves magic into each consultation, offering profound insights and empowering seekers to embrace their paths with clarity and confidence.

Virtual readings via email or phone.

Over 20 years of tarot and dowsing experience, studying under various teachers, and developing her unique interpretations of each card.


  1. "You're a champion at this. Your interpretations are on point, and you're kind-hearted. 10/10, highly satisfied." - A.V.
  2. "Thank you for the insightful and accurate reading. Your expertise shines through, providing valuable guidance and clarity." - D.T.
  3. "Elaborate and fast response. Kind reader, realistic, and gives good advice. Thanks!" - S.P.
  4. "The reading resonated and made my day. Margot is nice and would love to have another reading from her." - T.N.
  5. "Excellent reading! The cards matched my situation perfectly. Will recommend and use again. Thank you." - S.N.
  6. "The reading resonated with me. Margot is super sweet! Highly recommend." - W.F.
  7. "Great reading! Really resonated with my situation. Would highly recommend :) " - C.L.