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Step into the world of divine healing and empowerment with Antoinette Powell, the visionary founder of Topaz Healing. With a deep passion for guiding women on their transformative journeys, Antoinette possesses the extraordinary ability to uplift and heal souls. Through her intuitive gifts and profound connection with the spiritual realm, she has become a beacon of light for those seeking profound personal growth and healing. Prepare to be captivated by Antoinette's unique blend of spiritual wisdom, psychic insights, and energy healing as she helps you unleash your true potential.
Instagram - @topazhealing111
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Location: Essex, UK

Services: Tarot Reading, Life Coaching, Trauma Healing, Soul Therapy, Meditation

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Antoinette Powell, the founder of Topaz Healing, is driven by a deep passion for empowering women and helping them embark on their healing journeys. With her remarkable abilities, she possesses the power to transform mindsets, elevate vibrations, and reshape lives.

When you work with Antoinette, you can expect direct messages from spirit, insightful guidance from the tarot, and an energy infused with profound healing. Her intuitive connection allows her to reach the depths of your soul, addressing the root causes of any challenges you may be facing.

Antoinette's incredible gift goes beyond the surface, allowing her to guide you towards profound self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Trust in her expertise, and embrace the powerful healing that awaits you on this enchanting journey. With Antoinette's guidance, you will experience a newfound sense of empowerment, purpose, and spiritual alignment. Get ready to unlock your limitless potential and embark on a path of radiant healing with Topaz Healing.

Sessions: Antoinette offers a variety of session formats to cater to your needs. She provides insightful email readings that beautifully capture the essence of your situation. For a more personal experience, virtual face-to-face readings are conducted via video call. Her transformative meditations are thoughtfully crafted and delivered as an mp3 recording. Coaching and other healing sessions are conducted through video calls.

Credentials: Antoinette is not only a Tarot Master but also an Intuitive Healer and Psychic. Her years of experience and profound connection with the spiritual realm enable her to offer guidance and healing on a profound level.

Antoinette's expertise is highly regarded, as evidenced by the numerous glowing reviews she has received. Thousands of satisfied clients have shared their remarkable experiences. Additionally, she has some testimonials posted on her yell account. If needed, Antoinette can provide these testimonials or any others you may require.