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Welcome to our Tarot Reading Section, where we proudly host the fastest-growing database of talented tarot readers. Dive into a world of mystical insights and discover the perfect reader for your unique needs. With an extensive collection of diverse readers, you'll find an array of specialties, locations, and areas of expertise to choose from. Whether you seek love and relationships, career guidance, or spiritual enlightenment, our database offers a wealth of options to explore. Unveil the secrets of the cards and embark on a transformative journey with our extraordinary tarot readers. Visit us today and experience the power of personalized divination at your fingertips

  • Antoinette Powell/Topaz Healing

    Location: Essex, UK

    Speciality: Tarot Reading, Life Coaching, Trauma Healing, Soul Therapy, Meditation

    Reading Formats:

    Summary: Antoinette is the founder of Topaz Healing, she has a passion for empowering women and helping them heal themselves

  • Rocky Writer

    Location: Brooklyn, New York

    Speciality: General Readings, Love Readings, Career Readings

    Reading Formats: Phone readings (preferred), Video calls

    Summary: Rocky Writer is a certified sound healing practitioner, tarot reader, and sound healing infused r&b/hip hop artist.

  • Paul McCartney/Lavender Circle Spells

    Location: Dunfermline, Scotland

    Speciality: Wiccan Spellwork, Energy Healing, Tarot Readings, Basic Spellwork

    Reading Formats: Video, calls, In-Person

    Summary: Having practiced a predominantly Wiccan Practice for fifteen years, Paul is an experienced practitioner of contemporary Witchcraft and Energy Work

  • Anthony Vidal

    Location: Essex, UK

    Speciality: Tarot Readings, 1 on 1 Coaching

    Reading Formats: Video Calls, In-Person

    Summary: Meet the fantastic Anthony Vidal: Discover a profound journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and authentic living with tarot reader and intuitive guide.

  • Margot Wilson

    Location: Ontario. Canada

    Speciality: Tarot Reading (love, career, spiritual and more)

    Reading Formats: Virtual (email and phone)

    Summary: Margot has 20 years experience and is the founder of Urban Alchemist. She is an fantastic intuitive reader.

  • Jess Senires

    Location: Bremerton, WA, USA

    Speciality: Tarot Readings
    Spiritual Guidance
    Space Energetic cleansing

    Reading Formats: Virtual/Video Readings

    Summary: With 30 years experience working with Tarot - Jess is your no-nonsense psychic best friend and business advisor.