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Welcome to the enchanting world of Rocky Writer, a certified sound healing practitioner, tarot reader, and sound healing infused R&B/hip hop artist. With a unique combination of tarot and music, Rocky is on a mission to guide and inspire others on their spiritual and practical journeys. Through the power of tarot, Rocky provides interactive and precise readings, offering clients the answers and guidance they seek.







Location: Brooklyn, NY

Services: General Readings, Love Readings, Career Readings

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Rocky Writer is an extraordinary individual whose unique talents and profound connection with the spiritual realm have earned her a remarkable reputation as a sound healing practitioner, tarot reader, and visionary artist. With a deep-rooted passion for empowering others, Rocky has dedicated her life to guiding individuals on their spiritual and practical journeys.

As a certified sound healing practitioner, Rocky employs the transformative power of sound and music to facilitate healing and balance within the mind, body, and soul. Infusing her R&B/hip hop compositions with intentional 432 Hz tuning, sound healing instruments, and theta brain waves, Rocky creates a mesmerizing musical experience that not only delights the senses but also nurtures the listener's mental and emotional well-being.

In the realm of tarot, Rocky's intuitive abilities are truly exceptional. With each reading, she skillfully interprets the cards, unveiling profound insights and guidance for her clients. Her interactive and precise approach allows individuals to receive answers to their inquiries, illuminating their path forward and empowering them to make informed decisions.

Rocky's passion for tarot extends beyond traditional readings. Drawing inspiration from the cards, she merges her love for music and divination, crafting song lyrics infused with the wisdom of the tarot. This creative synergy not only lends a unique flavor to her sound, but it also imbues her music with a transformative energy that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

Guided by her purpose to uplift and inspire, Rocky aims to create a safe and nurturing space for her clients to explore their spiritual growth, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential. Through her intuitive gifts, healing music, and compassionate nature, Rocky has touched the lives of many, guiding them towards self-discovery, inner harmony, and personal empowerment.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Rocky Writer, where sound, divination, and artistic expression converge to create a transformative experience. Allow her profound insights, healing melodies, and nurturing guidance to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual alignment. Discover the magic of Rocky Writer today and unlock the limitless possibilities that await within you.

Services Offered:

Rocky offers a variety of tarot readings, including general readings, love readings, and career readings. Drawing upon her certification as a sound healing practitioner, she incorporates sound healing instruments and theta brain waves into her sound healing infused R&B/hip hop music. Rocky also crafts personalized tarot readings upon request, providing accurate and insightful guidance for clients.

Reading Formats:

Rocky primarily offers phone readings, her preferred method, as well as video call readings. These formats allow clients to engage with her expertise from the comfort of their own space.

Experience and Credentials:

Rocky Writer is a certified sound healing practitioner with a unique approach to tarot readings. She combines her passion for music and tarot to create an immersive experience for her clients. With a talent for crafting song lyrics inspired by tarot, Rocky infuses sound healing and intentional 432 Hz tuning into her R&B/hip hop tracks. This creates a therapeutic journey for listeners, promoting mental and emotional wellness.

Testimonials or Reviews:

Rocky is in the process of collecting testimonials and reviews from her clients to provide social proof of her exceptional work. These testimonials will be shared with you soon.

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with Rocky Writer. Allow her intuitive guidance and sound healing abilities to guide you towards clarity, empowerment, and inner harmony. Connect with Rocky today and experience the magic of tarot intertwined with healing music.