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Welcome to Lavender Circle Spells, where mystical enchantment meets transformative guidance. Allow us to introduce you to Paul McCartney, an extraordinary tarot reader and practitioner of Wiccan Spellwork. With years of experience and a profound connection to the spiritual realm, Paul possesses a unique ability to uncover the secrets of the tarot and offer insightful guidance to seekers from all walks of life. Discover the magic that awaits as you delve into Paul's realm of spiritual wisdom, energy healing, and profound spellwork

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Location: Dunfermline, Scotland

Services: Tarot Reading, Wiccan Spellwork, Energy Healing

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Greetings! I am delighted to present the talented Paul McCartney, a devoted practitioner of Wiccan and Scottish Folk Magick, renowned for his exceptional tarot readings and spiritual insights. With a passion for self-expression and authenticity, Paul has dedicated himself to guiding others on their spiritual journeys, offering profound clarity, healing, and empowerment.

Paul's journey began over fifteen years ago, nurtured by the wisdom of a close family friend who ignited his path into witchcraft and energy work. Since then, he has embarked on a transformative road of self-discovery, embracing lessons in self-acceptance, confidence, and healing from trauma. Witchcraft has become an integral part of Paul's identity, providing him with a channel to share his authentic self and empower others.

Fulfilling his childhood dream, Paul founded Lavender Circle Spells in May 2022, bringing his Wiccan practice to life and offering a diverse range of mystical services. Guided by his intuitive connection to the tarot, he delivers readings that touch the very essence of the seeker's inquiries, always with compassion and a positive outlook. Paul's joyous approach to tarot reading, rooted in enlightenment and affirmation, is a testament to his unwavering passion for this sacred practice.

When you choose Paul as your trusted Tarot Reader, you can expect not only deep insights and transformative messages but also a safe and supportive environment. His readings are delivered with utmost care, ensuring your comfort as a client while exploring the realm of the tarot. Prepare to embark on a joyous journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual alignment as you embrace the magic that Paul McCartney and Lavender Circle Spells have to offer.


Paul, through Lavender Circle Spells, provides a range of services including Wiccan Spellwork, Energy Healing, and Tarot Readings. Whether you're seeking protection, manifestation, or profound personal insights, Paul's expertise covers various purposes. From basic spellwork to advanced spellwork encompassing energy healing and directed envocations, his offerings are designed to empower and guide you on your journey.

Paul delivers personalized tarot readings through pre-recorded videos, where he intricately explores chosen spreads and provides insightful interpretations. These videos, ranging from ten minutes to an hour, are conveniently shared through Google Drive links. While primarily offering virtual readings, Paul also offers in-person sessions on select Tarot Days in Dunfermline and Edinburgh.


With over nine years of experience in tarot reading and a deep understanding of contemporary Witchcraft and Energy Work, Paul's expertise is unmatched. He has honed his craft as a certified sound healing practitioner and has contributed his knowledge and skills as a content creator for the Saged App, renowned for its mystical community.


"Wow! Thank you so much. Everything ressonates and it is just reassuring to know that I just need to keep dooing what I'm
already doing."

Without any information at all you were able to hit the nail on the head. Every last card read is my precise situation at the moment. The outcome was right on point, and will lead to it if I choose not to take the appropriate path. "

"Thanks Paul! I think it makes sense, and I especially like the last card The Star. This resonates with me currently. "