Jess Senires

Meet Jess Senires, the Psychic Consultant behind Down To Earth Oracle, offering virtual tarot readings, spiritual guidance, and energetic space cleansing. With 30 years of tarot experience and 20+ years of professional expertise in finance and business, Jess brings a no-nonsense approach to her readings, providing alternative perspectives and unconventional solutions. Her background in social sciences, psychology, and management adds versatility to her intuitive work, making her an invaluable advisor.


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Bremerton, WA - USA

Services Offered:

  • Tarot Readings: Business/Finance/Career, Love, General
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Space Energetic Cleansing
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Step into the captivating world of Jess Senires, the extraordinary Psychic Consultant behind Down To Earth Oracle, where magic and pragmatism intertwine to illuminate your path with brilliance and depth. With over three decades of tarot mastery and two decades of professional expertise in finance and business, Jess is not your average psychic reader. She is your compassionate confidante, no-nonsense advisor, and spiritual best friend, offering a refreshing reading style that leaves you feeling empowered to conquer life's challenges.

Each reading with Jess is a sacred journey, enveloped in curiosity and deep compassion, as she skillfully navigates the cosmos to address your unique needs. Her direct and clear insights cut through the clutter, providing you with thorough guidance that resonates deeply. And oh, her sassy flair adds an extra touch of magic, leaving you both enlightened and entertained throughout the consultation.

What sets Jess apart is her unwavering commitment to inclusivity and diversity. She embraces and celebrates the beautiful tapestry of humanity, carefully selecting tarot decks that reflect the rich diversity of cultures, abilities, genders, ethnicities, races, and sexual preferences. Everyone is welcome at her table, and representation matters deeply to Jess, as she creates a space where all walks of life find respect, understanding, and empowerment.

Beyond her captivating work as a psychic consultant, Jess's vibrant life is a tapestry of passion and adventure. When she's not immersed in the mystical realms, you'll find her sipping her favorite brew at her beloved coffee shop, embarking on thrilling adventures with her partner, gracefully teaching dance to captivated students, or enjoying sweet moments of serenity while cuddling up with her two cherished kitties.

At the core of Jess's being lies her unwavering dedication to community and people. Throughout her journey, she has consistently focused on uplifting others, making people her driving force. From supporting individuals in personal growth to guiding businesses toward prosperity, Jess's gifts have touched countless lives. Her diverse educational background in social sciences and psychology adds depth to her work, enhancing her intuitive insights with a wealth of knowledge.

With a stellar accuracy rate backed by years of data gathering, Jess's readings are more than just glimpses into the future. They are transformative experiences that empower you to embrace your authentic self and make the best choices for your journey ahead.

As you step into the world of Down To Earth Oracle, you'll find a compassionate guide, a fierce advocate for inclusivity, and a lighthearted companion who brings laughter and wisdom to your path. Jess, the Urban Alchemist, is excited to share her extraordinary gifts with you, unraveling the mysteries of life, and guiding you towards a future filled with clarity, validation, and inspiration. Embrace the magic, step into the light, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with Jess, your psychic best friend and spiritual advisor

Experience and Credentials:
With 30 years of tarot experience and 20+ years in finance, marketing, and small business management, Jess brings a versatile and knowledgeable perspective to her readings. Her educational background includes degrees in social sciences and extensive psychology knowledge. Jess boasts an impressive 98% accuracy rate based on years of data gathering.


  • "Jess excels at everything she puts her mind to. Her 98% accuracy rate is no joke! Looking forward to my next reading." - AG, US
  • "A reading from Jess finds the core of situations and helps me let go of the past for the future I deserve." - LH, US
  • "Jess got to the root of my issues without being vague. Her predictions have been 100% accurate. I'd go back in a heartbeat!" - DC, CA
  • "Jess' readings are fueled with care, intellect, and knowledge beyond tarot. Her authenticity shines through." - HM, US
  • "Jess' readings provide insights and affirmations, leaving me with greater clarity and feeling supported. Powerful stuff!" - IL, US
  • "More powerful than a therapist. More spiritual punch than a preacher, but without the guilt." - CH, US