• Opal

    Opal is an interesting gemstone that is in general associated with boosting the strength of the will to live. It is a great stone for the skin, kidneys, eyes, hair, and nails. It is proven to be useful for water assimilation, retention and balancing water content within the body

  • Aventurine

    Aventurine is said to aid the nervous system, thymus, and connective tissue. In addition to that, it is thought to stimulate metabolism and balance blood pressure. Physically, it is a versatile healing stone that has many benefits for the heart, liver, lungs, and sinuses

  • Amethyst

    Amethyst is known to help with pain relief in general, but especially headaches. Its soothing energy calms the pain. I have found that lying down and placing the Amethyst stone on the area of the head with pain helps alleviate the pressure. Amethyst is also said to help with bruises, and it supports healthy lungs, respiratory system, ears, and digestive tract.